Training Formats

Different goals require different training formats. We work with you to determine the most effective training format or combination of formats given the parameters you specify.

Short-term or one-off seminars for specific skills or projects are a great springboard to move you in the right direction. Long-term classes for continuous improvement provide sustainable learning with long-lasting effects. These formats can be successfully integrated to serve all language and communication training needs.

Group training

  • Interactive, practical lessons for effective practice 
  • Individual interests and needs incorporated into group goals
  • Authentic material, including company literature, projects and presentations
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One-to-one lessons

  • Flexible lessons focused on the needs of one participant for maximum efficiency
  • Appointments can be arranged flexibly or a regular appointment can be set for consistent progress
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Open-enrolment courses

Not enough people for your own group? Too many different levels? Or do you want employees to choose their own class?  We have open enrolment for courses currently running at the school.

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Executive and On-the-job Training

Executive and on-the-job training or shadowing are exceedingly practical training formats that put a language expert where you need them: right next to you while you do business. 

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Combining course formats is often the most effective solution. We develop programmes based on your parameters.

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  • Bookable as a component complementing any course format
  • Various solutions available depending on participant needs
  • A fully flexible solution for additional practice and self-study
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  • Skill-specific training
  • Intensive, efficient sessions for targeted learning and practice
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