One-to-one lessons

  • Flexible lessons focused on the needs of one participant for maximum efficiency
  • Appointments can be arranged flexibly or a regular appointment can be set for consistent progress

Individual lessons are a flexible, efficient way to make progress fast. They can address a specific need, like presentation preparation, negotiation skills, or business correspondence; they can be taken for overall improvement of communication skills, grammar issues, or fluency building; or they can be used for any combination of those things and a hundred other goals you want to reach. You choose the intensity – from lessons every day to lessons on-demand when you need support.

Lessons can take place in your offices or ours. Times can vary from week to week, or we can set regular appointments so you can plan. If you need to cancel, just let us know 24 hours in advance (or Friday afternoon for a Monday lesson) so we can inform the teacher and re-schedule at no charge.