Group training

  • Interactive, practical lessons for effective practice 
  • Individual interests and needs incorporated into group goals
  • Authentic material, including company literature, projects and presentations

Teamwork is part of everyday life in a company. Learning English in a group provides an opportunity to practice real-world situations from everyday business before team members face those situations in their professional lives. Feedback on language and cultural differences in interactions in the safety of a training session lets participants build their skills and confidence, making them more effective team-members when they need those skills in the real world.

Materials for courses are determined by the needs of the company and the participants. Sometimes an excellent course book is the answer, but authentic materials from the company or the industry can also be integrated into lessons, meaning English lessons become more than just language lessons, they can:

  • Help to keep employees informed about what other colleagues, departments, even the competition are doing.
  • Motivate participants by providing a broader context for their work against the backdrop of current events and new advances.
  • Keep team members up to date on new regulations, expert opinions, related topics.
  • Introduce participants to new sources of highly relevant information, in English, to promote sustainable learning and interest outside the classroom.

E-learning and additional language-related material can provide further support outside of class to learners who need it.