DTZ exam

The goal of an Integration course is the successful passing of the final exam. By passing the DTZ, you show that you have reached one of the main goals of the Integration Course. The test certifies your level A2-B1 German language skills and is suitable as proof of language for citizenship in Germany.

DTZ language exam

  • Language level required for naturalisation
  • Graded on scale (A2–B1)
  • Final exam for integration course
  • In combination with the “Life in Germany” test comprises the “Zertifikat Integrationskurs”
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Life in Germany test

  • Multiple choice test
  • 33 questions on history, politics and other socially relevant topics
  • In combination with the “DTZ” test it forms the “Zertifikat Integrationskurs”.
  • only for residents of the federal state of Baden-Württemberg
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