Teacher portal

Information for teachers preparing their students for exams as well as those planning to register candidates with us. We’ll guide you through every step, from introducing Cambridge exams to your school through the preparation and registration processes. Support is available from agi and Cambridge to help you and your students take full advantage of all Cambridge English has to offer.

Materials for registration and preparation

Get the documents you need to register your students and see if you qualify for a discount. We created an FAQ list and also collected useful material for preparation to help you integrate Cambridge English preparation with other classroom goals.

Sample tests & preparation materials

Cambridge English: Proficiency (CPE)

  • Cambridge English Proficiency (CPE) Handbook

  • Cambridge English Proficiency (CPE) test scores


Cambridge English Advanced (CAE)

  • Cambridge English Advanced (CAE) Handbook

  • Cambridge English Advanced (CAE) test scores


Cambridge English First (FCE)

  • Cambridge English First (FCE) Handbook

  • Cambridge English First (FCE) test scores


Cambridge English Preliminary for Schools (PET)

  • Cambridge English Preliminary for Schools (PET) Handbook

  • Cambridge English Preliminary for Schools (PET) test scores


Cambridge English Key for Schools (KET)

  • Cambridge English Key for Schools (KET) Handbook

  • Cambridge English Key for Schools (KET) test scores


Young Learners

Cambridge English Business Higher

  • Cambridge English Business Higher Handbook

  • Cambridge English Business Higher test scores


Cambridge English: Business Vantage

  • Cambridge English: Business Vantage Handbook

  • Cambridge English: Business Vantage test scores


Cambridge English Business Preliminary

  • Cambridge English Business Preliminary Handbook

  • Cambridge English Business Preliminary test scores


Frequently asked questions

How do I register a group of students?

School groups are registered via a special Excel spreadsheet (instructions included) that you can download here or request via email. Please contact us if it’s your first time registering a group so we can check your eligibility for a discount.

Is it possible to register after the Closing Date?

Registration after the Closing Date is possible up to a point. Please contact us as early as possible so we can check whether or not registrations can still be accepted. Late registrations result in an additional €60 late registration fee per candidate registered after the Closing Date.

How and by when should I pay for the exam?

For school groups, we issue one invoice for the total amount due, which must then be transferred as one lump sum. The amount is due in full one week after you receive the invoice.

Can candidates withdraw from the exam after they have registered?

Up to the Closing Date:

It is possible to withdraw for a € 30 processing fee. We will refund any payments made excluding that processing fee.

After the Closing Date:

Withdrawal is no longer possible and the exam date can not be changed. Exam fees are due in full. Exceptions can only be made in the case of illness documented by a medical certificate. A withdrawal on medical grounds up to one week before the written exam date results in a refund of 60% of exam fees. After this point and up to 10 days after the written exam date, 40% of exam fees can be refunded when a medical certificate is provided.

What do candidates need to bring to the exam?

Their Confirmation of Entry, a valid form of ID (Identity Card or Passport, not expired!), pencils and pens, eraser, sharpener, highlighter and the Test Day Photo form, filled out and signed.

What do I do if I need Special Arrangements for a candidate?

For candidates with disabilities, Cambridge offers the option to request special arrangements, for example specially printed exam materials. Please contact us at the latest a few weeks before the Closing Date as Cambridge requires additional time to process requests and make arrangements.

When do the speaking exams take place?

Appointments for speaking exams are determined by the exam centre and depend on the total number of candidates in an exam. Only when we know how many candidates have registered can we complete the final planning for an exam. This takes place after the Closing Date.

We try to arrange the speaking exams on the same day as the written exam. Due to organisational and capacity constraints, however, this is not always possible.

Candidates receive their Confirmations of Entry with all time and location details of the exam once speaking examination appointments have been finalised. This generally occurs 1 to 2 weeks after the Closing Date.