Special Seminars

Topic-specific seminars provide opportunities to practice your English in different contexts while learning about a particular skill or subject.
We offer different topics based on the expertise of our teachers, who come from a diverse set of backgrounds. Check back regularly or connect with us on Facebook to see what’s on offer!

English for Academic Purposes

English language for academic settings. These courses are designed for students, lecturers, administrators and all people who need to engage in academic discussions and writing. 

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Intercultural Training

Dos and taboos in different cultures. Learn what to do and what to watch out for when dealing with people from other cultures. This includes not only how not to offend, but how to bring partners closer.

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B1-C2 English Conversation Class

The goal of the conversation course is the acquisition of communicative competence and the motto is "learn from and with each other". The course is intended for everyone with English level B1, B2, C1 or C2. It’s also a great opportunity to practice speaking with people with different English levels, because when we speak English, it’s not always with native English speakers.

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