Group travel

Plan your group’s journey to Stuttgart with us. You can book a complete package including a language course, accommodations, transfer and recreational programme, or you can book individual components separately, as you wish.

With their group, students can continue their class work and final exam preparation while using German every day, learning subtleties of language for their future careers and, at the same time, experiencing unforgettable moments with their group. With a varied, fun recreational programme, well-trained teachers, capable support and great host families, you’ll have everything you need for a fantastic trip with your group.

  • Together in a group

    Experience a new language and culture with an accompanied group trip. You’ll spend an unforgettable time with your group, making new memories and developing new language skills to take with you wherever you go.

  • Host family

    If wished, all students and teachers can stay with our carefully selected host families for a chance to see the everyday life of people in Germany first-hand.

  • Lessons

    Lessons can take place mornings or afternoons. All language courses are taught by qualified teachers and offer your students  the opportunity to improve their language skills intensively at their level as they become more familiar with.

  • Excursions

    After class, students experience the city and region with our recreational programme. A visit to the Porsche Museum, a football tournament, a walking tour of the city centre or all-day excursions to the Black Forest and the region’s historical university cities of Tübingen and Heidelberg—learning a language in the country it’s spoken in is always fun!

  • Contact person


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