Philosophy & References

In the corporate environment it is important to have confidence in oneself and one's linguistic abilities. It is important to be able to correctly convey and understand subtle nuances in verbal exchanges. Essentially, it is about developing effective communication skills. Language training for companies consists of practical, interactive exercises based on relevant and industry specific topics. Each individual has their own learning needs and style. Our experienced pedagogical experts and trainers continually assess these needs and develop a training programme that meets the targets of both the participants and their employer.

  • Placement tests

    Placement tests and needs analyses are conducted with each participant to ensure that participants’ needs are incorporated into the lessons from day one.

  • Methodology

    A focus on communication, real-world topics and scenarios are at the centre of our integrated approach. Grammar and vocabulary-building exercises are incorporated into lessons for a firm foundation on which fluency and confidence can be built.

  • Goals and Results

    Clearly defined goals are established and progress evaluated at regular intervals to ensure success.

  • Cambridge English: Business exams (BEC)

    As an official Cambridge English examination centre, we can incorporate Cambridge Business English certificates into courses as end goals as well as for progress checks. Results can be kept private for participants or used as corporate assessments of course progress, as preferred.

A.S.S.E.T. Nation-wide Training

We are a member of the A.S.S.E.T. organisation, a Germany-wide association of owner-operated language schools offering language training throughout the country. Read more HERE.

This is just a select few of our references. We would be very happy to send you more.