We specialise in the languages we speak in order to ensure the quality of our lessons with complete confidence. German, English and Spanish language lessons are available in general as well as specialized topics from qualified, experienced teachers.

Additional languages may be available upon request if we have a bilingual trainer in German, English or Spanish available.

  • English

    English has become the language of business and science in much of the world. We can help you lay the foundation so you, your colleagues or your employees can move with ease and confidence through the English-speaking world.

    Our experienced trainers have diverse backgrounds. We can match your needs to a trainer with the skill set to train you effectively and efficiently.

  • German

    Learn the most widely spoken language in Europe. German has the largest number of native speakers on the continent and comes in second world-wide for scientific and academic publications. Whether you want to do business in the German’s regional economic powerhouse, have greater access to academic information or travel throughout Europe, German language skills will help you reach your goals. It is also a fun language to speak!

  • Spanish

    As one of the most widely spoken languages, Spanish opens doors all over the world. Need to communicate with a designer in Spain, a supplier in Mexico or team members located in Argentina? Our trainers have the skills to help you reach your goal.