Job-specific B2 Course

  • Monday–Friday, 12:45 - 5pm
  • 25 teaching units per week
  • 16 weeks/400 teaching units
  • 15-22 participants, 
  • Financially supported by BAMF

Course content

In this course you will deepen your grammatical knowledge und expand your general and business vocabulary. You’ll learn to express your thoughts on complex topics fluently. Your reading and listening skills will be further trained and strengthened. With writing practice as one of this course’s focal points, you will be able to write detailed, clear texts on various topics and correspond professionally upon completion. In addition, you’ll learn to write a modern job application and master real-world business situations such as meetings and interviews. Toward the end of the course, particular emphasis is placed on preparation for the telc B2 exam.


For participants with a certificate of eligibility (Berechtigungsschein) from the Jobcenter or Employment Agency, the course fees are fully subsidised. Course materials and the exam at the end of the course are also included.