Language Course for Professionals: C1 Medicine

• 16 weeks / 400 teaching units
• 25 units per week
• Monday - Friday, 8:30 am to 12:45 pm
• Number of participants: 3 - 9
• Funded by BAMF (Federal Office for Migration and Refugees)

In order to work as a doctor in Germany, you must have a solid command of German at a C1 level and pass the specialist language test for the medical associations of the federal states. To take this course, you should already have competencies at a B2 level.

In a small group, we will prepare you thoroughly for the exam, but not only that.
You will also learn how to express yourself appropriately and clearly in various hospital case-study situations and practice how to use the German language independently and flexibly.

In typical conversational situations (consultations amongst doctors, discussions with patients and relatives) you will hone your linguistic expression, consolidate your writing skills and acquire the necessary background knowledge about the medical world in Germany.

Through these methods, you are not only well prepared for the exam, but also for your future professional activity as a doctor.


For participants with a certificate of eligibility (Berechtigungsschein) from the Jobcenter or Employment Agency, the course fees are fully subsidised. Course materials and the exam at the end of the course are also included.