Spanish courses

As one of the most widely spoken languages, Spanish opens doors all over the world. Dreaming of dancing the tango in Argentina, sampling tapas in Santiago de Compostela, or sealing a business deal in Mexico City? We have courses that can get you there.

Evening group courses

  • New classes regularly
  • Flexible start
  • 3-8 participants, maximum 10
  • Online course using Zoom
  • 7-9pm
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One-to-one lessons

Spanish: flexible and tailored for you. Individual lessons are perfect for people who need support on a specific topic, who have gaps in their Spanish skills or who need extra flexibility in their busy schedules.

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Un cortado con… Conversation courses in a café

Bite-sized Spanish conversation in a local café. Meet our teachers for lunch or after work for 90 minutes of conversation in small groups.

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You and one or two  friends or colleagues want to learn Spanish together? Great! You can book lessons as a closed group and choose your times flexibly.

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Vacation preparation

One-month courses to help you brush up your Spanish before you fly! We focus on the most important language you’ll need while you’re traveling so you can get around like the locals.

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Professional Training as a Commercial Correspondent

  • Course duration: 2 years
  • No minimum Spanish language requirement
  • 8–15 participants
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