Job-specific C1 Course

  • Monday–Friday, 12:45 - 5pm
  • 25 teaching units per week
  • 16 weeks/400 teaching units
  • 15-22 participants
  • Financially supported by BAMF

Course content

A near-native level of German is required in many professions. This course builds on the skills learned in B2, bringing you closer to your goal to express yourself fluently, spontaneously and with sophistication in a variety of everyday and professional situations. You’ll learn to understand complex spoken and written language and write clear, well-structured texts in the appropriate tone for various situations. At the end of the course, particular attention is given to preparation for the telc C1 exam.


For participants with a certificate of eligibility (Berechtigungsschein) from the Jobcenter or Employment Agency, the course fees are fully subsidised. Course materials and the exam at the end of the course are also included.