DaF Teacher training

You find learning and teaching a language fascinating? You are interested in a meaningful job and like contact with other cultures? Perhaps you’ve already tried tutoring or have volunteered as a teacher, but you just haven’t had the right tools and competent contact people to enable you to do more. Or maybe you just want to find out if teaching is fun. Then apply for our teacher training course and try it out for yourself!

Part 1: Class observation

You observe an experienced teacher teaching a class. Thematic observation forms coupled with lectures on theory demonstrate and define the aspects of a good lesson.

Part 2: Practice

After the course observation, you develop a lesson plan for the course you observed. The lesson plan is discussed with an experienced teacher before being put into practice. Then these lessons are planned and taught. A feedback session with an experienced teacher follows.

Accompanying Theory

The theory lessons are modular and are based on current methods of language didactics. The theoretical is joined with practical as often as possible. Examples of application and concrete exercises cristallise how theoretical principles are implemented.

Classic themes such as lesson planning and vocabulary work are part of the training course, as are teaching pronunciation and grammar.

  • Procedure/Dates

    The programme begins with class observation sessions, followed by practice (trainees teaching) in parallel with theory lessons. All three parts take place over about three months.

    The next training course starts on 15 February 2019.

  • Prerequisites

    • Native-speaker equivalent German language abilities
    • University degree or language-related professional qualification
    • Motivation letter, one A4 page
    • Personal meeting with a tutor
  • Registration

    Please send all documents (see prerequisites) in advance to us by email or post with DaF Teacher Training in the subject line. If a seat is available and you have met all the requirements, we will confirm your registration.

    Application deadline: 08 February 2019

    Late applications may be accepted at the school’s discretion.

  • Fees, trainers and certificate


    The course fee is € 75.


    All trainers and tutors are qualified, experienced teachers.


    Those who attended all theory lessons and completed all practical components are issued a certificate of participation.

  • Contact person


    Tel: 0711/ 6018 765 - 27